British Horse Racing

How British Horse Racing Began
There Is no doubt about the origin of horse racing which is of course the UK. The roman soldiers were the first to arrange theses races on the soil of Britain around 200 AD. Since those times, no real action could be found regarding horse racing in the UK and horses were considered as a mean of transportation and labor only. Eventually, King Henry VIII imported many Arabian stallions from the regions of Africa and the Middle East with intent to breed them with the local mares and that is how thoroughbreds began. King James I spent most of his days of throne in the small village of Newmarket, the home of the British horse racing, and got caught up with the sport, causing it to become popular and known, and as the thoroughbred horses proved to be agile and strong, they were soon put out for races and the foundations for the British horse racing sport were laid.

Jockey and Horse

Before it Became Popular
British horse racing was regarded as an only nobles sport when both participants and spectators were either the members of the royal family or belonged to noble dynasties. It took nearly 200 years for this sport to gain the popularity and prestige it now owns when a turning point was the establishment of the jockey club who governed the sport until the British Horse racing Board was founded in 1993 and later on merged with Horse racing Regulatory Authority in 2007 to form the British Horse racing Authority that coordinates the sport to this very day.

British Horse Racing Today

British Horse Racing

National Hunt Race

Nowadays, the sport’s popularity is enormous. British horse racing is one the most popular sports in the UK and is considered to be a role model of administration and management, sport’s development and participant’s welfare, in horse racing in particular and in sports in general. Almost every day tens of thousands of sport fans and spectators visit the the UK horse courses, attend the racebook for horse betting or watch their favorite races on TV in one of the two niche channels for the races, ATR (At the Races Sky 415 ) and RUK (Racing UK Sky 432).

The Sport of a Nation
no other sport is considered as British as the sport of horse racing. British horse racing is a solid part of the British culture and signs for that can be found anywhere you go. Advertisements for upcoming events at the UK horse courses, races channels open on pub’s TV, and there is no doubt that almost third of all people will be more than glad to engage a conversation over the latest horse racing news, or hold an argument over which is the best horse and who is the worst jockey.


Spectators at A Horse Race