Horse Racing UK

Horse Racing UK
Horse racing UK consists out of many fixtures and meetings throughout the year and season. In horse racing UK different grades of races can be found for different levels of experience shown by horses and jockeys, contributing the variety and diversity of the races and maintaining the sport as a widespread national sport due to the various characteristics every track and race present, strengthening the accessibility of the sport by making it approachable to many types of people and society classes.

Horse Racing UK Culture
Horse racing UK is a constant source for horse racing news and reports, debates and discussions. Almost everyone knows something about horse racing, some little and some lots, but the bottom line is that horse racing is a significant part of the everyday life in the UK. The reason for that is the fact that horse racing UK is an old, well practiced, highly appreciated discipline that by now (and even long before that) became the source of pride to many participants and fans.

Horse Racing UK Wagering
As old as the sport itself, wagering on horse racing in the UK is an activity reached by many people who consider it their leisure favorite, while some actually manage to raise a considerable revenue by wagering on horse racing. It is of no secret that there are numerous licensed wagering offices in the UK and as many as racebook fixtures as available tracks in the UK horse courses.

Horse Racing UK Governing

The British Horse racing Authority
Formed in 2007 by merging the Horseracing Regulatory Authority and the British Horse Racing Board, the BHA is the regulating and the governing body of the British horse racing and is responsible for the success and continuation of the sport both nationally and internationally. The BHA regulates the sport and maintains high standards in terms of races legitimacy, equine welfare, and jockeys welfare. It is also responsible for track inquires and penalties regarding discipline issues such as inside information or horse abusing.  The BHA puts the prestige of the sport as its number one goal and is trusted to promote the sport and industry and represent its best interest.

The Jockey Club
Is the oldest organization in the British horse racing industry and the most prominent one though nowadays it may not seem like it. The Jockey Club, as it is no longer regulating the sport, holds responsibilities of organizing all commercial aspects of the sport, investing revenue back in to the industry, and being the head corporate for all other related organizations that belong to the Jockey club.