Horse Betting Systems

Bad Tips for False Hopes
For years punters have kept their faith in the next big win coming their way, constantly following meetings in the UK horse courses, craving for every bit of tip and info relevant for the races they want to bet on, hoping to collect the big prizes. The fact is that most of them fail over and over again in picking the right wins in horse racing, and many of them keep banging their heads against the form statistics with false hopes of prevailing by hunches alone. Many tips and odds are formed by unregulated online horse betting services that work out these figures to their benefits first and only then do they present them to the crowds as reliable and worth while. Reaching odds and tips related conclusions is more than just looking at the top of the chart horses and picking the winners out of that list. This is where horse betting systems comes in.

Horse Betting Systems
Horse betting systems incorporate the exact same data used to form horse racing tips but it is more of a mathematical practice than statistics and guessing reliant method which is the common way to go in horse betting. The odds given at the racebook are compiled from many factors, some dry figures (more reliable) and some are market trends and crowd tendency to back favorites as well as a crowd tendency to overlook potential high odds horses. Horse betting system takes the figures of both races and horses and assigns values, figures or percentage values, to different variables defined by the system itself and the way it operates. It then uses this variables to create a unique observation on the possible results of a race. There are many systems available, some are well known such as class or surface change that can either improve or degrade a horse’s performance, or trainer’s win percentage that is taken in account when acting upon choosing a horse. Some systems work differently, using the same details however placing them in equation developed especially for a given system which in turn outputs an outcome of a race or an array of horses worth to bet on.

Figuring Out the System
There are no horse betting systems that are 100% guaranteed to deliver results. Many have tried along the years to come up with a system accurate enough to allow constant winnings for the punters. Come to think of it, A system such as this would quickly spread among the punters, dramatically affecting the odds and the trends, thus rendering the system useless as the system itself relies on these figures. No recommended systems are truly recommended and the one worth something at all are kept behind closed doors at a few very discreet circuits. Coming up with one’s own horse betting systems is the best way to go about horse betting. Any one immersed in British horse racing long enough can easily form a method to his liking, changing it when needed or evolving it to different methods residing under the roof of one system.