Horse Racing

Of Horse Racing
Horse racing is an old field of sport, with rich history mostly related to the UK. In horse racing the horses race one another over various track distances, different surfaces like dirt of turf or different race types, Flat races which are straight going races and National Hunt races which are hurdle jump race or simply jump races. Horse racing resides in many countries, some of them surprisingly holding a firm vast racing scene like Turkey. Other than Turkey, horse racing is mainly celebrated in the UK, the US, France and Germany.

Horse Racing Careers
There is a lot of activity going on around horse racing. Horse racing invented horse breeding which by now became a prestigious position and discipline occupied by a few chosen professional breeders. Horse racing depends on the existence of well managed stables owned by folks who have the money and the patience to engage horse raising, trading and training. The sport of horse racing populate career position for trainers responsible for bringing the horse to a point where he can race and maintaining the horse’s shape throughout seasons, jockeys that follow a career of horse racing riders and are entitled for money prizes and championship titles and positions such as horse caretakers, veterinarians, stable employees and many more.

Horse Racing Tracks
Horse racing tracks is where it all takes place, where all the hard work and efforts put in the horses training manifests and either deliver results or fail. Horse racing tracks also provide career opportunities mainly in the field of track administration and maintenance personnel and management. Racing tracks host thousands of people almost every day during the season and are a great source of income and revenue both for the track management, the different horse racing associations and clubs and even the government, as the latter charge a fixed percentage form all betting as tax money. Horse racing tracks are a place of both culture and entertainment as well as a place of fortune and fame.

Horse Racing Fixtures
Also referred to as meetings, it is the common name for a group or a series of races conducted at the same day, usually at the same horse course. Some are lower class meetings and some are major events with great public interest.

Horse Racing Betting
Like many other sports, horse racing also hold betting options. Horse racing betting is an old hobby that by now became world wide recreation activity with numerous races to wager on and a large number of online racebooks that offer tips, odds and wagering options.