Horse Racing Fixtures

The term horse racing fixtures, also known as meetings, is actually a list of races held at a specific course or a list of all races held at a specific day. The BHA (British horse racing authority) is responsible for forming the fixtures followed by going reports, and updates on on the different meetings. A lot of fixtures are sponsored by big corporations or betting agencies and often hold a certain theme, defining them as more prestigious than other horse racing fixtures.

Most fixtures, and especially the major events, are predetermined as they are a part of the old tradition of British horse racing. This means that some races are held at almost same the dates every year as much as the calender sync allows, for most major events take place on Saturdays. For example, the St. Leger this year took place at 11th of September while last year’s St. Leger took place at 12th of September. You get the idea…
The rest of the fixtures, low class fixtures and maiden fixtures are determined according to the status of horses ready to race, the amount of 2yo having the need to acquire racing experience in order to become high class and group horses, and other needs of the UK horse courses as some courses require maintenance or become unfit for racing due to weather conditions.

The list of fixtures is available at almost every site concerning horse racing and horse betting. The list is scheduled months ahead together with a list of potential runners (usually in the major events) that later on forms to a closed list from which horses can only be drawn out and no horse can be added in. The list of horse racing fixtures and dates allows punters to define which fixtures they fancy for horse racing betting and which they don’t, instead of having to wait for a weekly or monthly update of fixtures and meetings.