Castor Oil Review

Essential Oils for Horses: What to Use and How to Use the Oils

Feeding, sheltering, and all those basic things are not enough to take care of our horses. Once in a while, pampering them is needed to boost their moods and their drive. This helps them perform better and most of all, have fun on things they want to do best.

Using essential oils are for our skin care and hair care needs are is becoming highly popular. What we do not know is that these essential oils can also be our treats for our mighty race horses. We can use essential oils for their hooves, hair, and some of them for scent. But always be careful in using these oils. Just like any products that you will use for your horse, consult first with your vet. Your horse might be allergic to some plants or herbs of the essential oils.

Pampering your race horse with essential oils

Castor oil for skin is becoming popular in the beauty industry. Castor oil is popularly known for its rich hair care properties. These same properties are also a great treat for our horse’s hair. You can either use it for the mane, tail, and coat. A race horse would still have to maintain the health of their mane to keep it lush even if it is kept short most of the time.

Hooves are also something we must all take care. A horse takes pride and confidence from healthy hooves. Eucalyptus and carrot seed are two of the most effective protection for our horse’s hooves.  Eucalyptus contains rich anti-fungal components. This fights off irritations and infections from scar or other elements exposed to the hooves. The carrot seed, on the other hand, takes care of cracks keeping it strong and healthy.

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