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Pamper your Horse with All Natural Essential Oils

Pampering our mighty racers is a huge treat for them and as well as ourselves. It gives us a sense of fulfilment when we know that our horses are happy and active.

Essential oils for the horse

Just like how essential oils relaxes our senses, it works just the same with animals. You can use essential oils to help your horse relax after a tiring race. This can serve as a therapy for them, helping them boost their confidence and having more drive to do things that they love. Just make sure to check with your veterinary first before using any essential oils for your race horse. There are certain scents and oils that irritate some of them and it may only cause more harm than good. You can always buy essential oils online to have more selection and better chances of getting the best oils for your horse. Just make sure that you’re getting your oils from high-quality brands to ensure safety.

Aside from aromatherapy, essential oils can also help out in maintaining the horse’s coat, mane, and tail. Some use rose essential oil and massage it over their horse’s coat and hair to keep it strong and lush. The rose oil can condition and moisturize the hair to keep it soft and prevent damages like breakage.

Essential oils are also a great help to treat and soothe any hoof problems. There are certain oils in the market that keep the hooves free from uncomfortable cracks and bruises.  Remember to always pay attention to the hooves since horses get depressed over something related to their hooves.

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